About Us

In 2013, Chikae Okishima-Howland and Jessica Simmonds decided to join together to establish O&S. They started with a small floral design company which soon grew into a creative design organization that dabbles in everything design and branding oriented.
Chikae Okishima-Howland is a half Japanese, half American who was born and raised in London. For O&S, she brings in her creativity and love for culture, flowers, photography, travel and food. She is the one who serves as the lead stylist in terms of floral arrangements with her beautiful ikebana designs. She is also taking the lead in interior event stylings and event photography.
Jessica Simmons is born and bred in Cheltenham, England. She is very passionate in art and design and always tries to elevate her work into superior art forms. Jessica is a graduate of Leeds College of Arts, with a degree in Fine Arts.

Chikae and Jessica, both lovers of art and beautiful things became best of friends due to their common interests. Their love for design, creativity and professionalism is what fuels O&S.

O&S is a one of a kind creative studio. It is the only design studio that cares more about art and beauty as compared to profits. When you come to us, expect the passion and creativity that we always invest in all of our creative design projects. This is because we always aim to share our art and aesthetics to a bigger audience. In that way, we hope to educate and fuel a love for design among our customers as well.

Never hesitate to contact O&S for all of your design and creative needs. With us, rest assured that you will always be satisfied. Expect only the most beautiful creations and a wonderful way of showcasing your events or brand.