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 Living in a built up city like London, one of the things that motivate us is the idea of bringing a summer garden inside to brighten up the day. With a British, Japanese & American background, we have a flaIR that makes us unique, but gives us the ability to adapt to your needs. We love tea, food, Friends (the tv show), Jazz & old-school music, speakeasy's & always having fun. 


chikae (chih-ky) n. 1. colour speciality; neutrals, monochromes & neon 2. type: old soul with a penchant for new technology 3. style; rustic, vintage, American, Japanese, English, wild


Chikae Okishima-Howland, half Japanese, half American, but born & raised in London, brings her love of culture, flowers, photography, travel & food to the table. Having been creative from a young age, she knew that she would end up in the creative industry, & has been lucky enough to find a career that combines her talents with her passion.

She discovered this through The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers, as part of her thirst for knowledge & learning, to try something new. Her fascination of nature, trees, & ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging), inspired her to pursue this interest, & take the course at the Academy. Chikae has dabbled in Interior design, photography, curating, & much more. Through undertaking various creative courses & having lived & worked in Japan, she has gained a wealth of experience & knowledge, & her love of learning means that she is constantly researching ways to expand their combined skill set.

She has now started a side company that incorporates her love of photography and flowers together, where she teaches all the skills and knowledge that she has collected from all over the world from top photographers and floral designers, including Sarah Winward, Sinclair and Moore, Ginny Au, Erich McVey, Local Milk & Marte Marie Forsberg.

Her new website can be found here:

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled all over the world. I love my roots & having family in America & Japan makes me feel incredibly lucky as it means I get to go back & visit, but is equally as hard as I don’t get to see them very often. Being multicultural means that I have friends & family all over the world, & this inspires me on a day to day basis to explore the world, visit them, but also meet new people & discover new things on the way! This is the only way to learn, & expand my thirst for knowledge. Sometimes it means I have too many ideas going on at any one time as I come across new ideas, trends, people, skills & more, but this only means that my drive is stronger than ever, & excites me for what lies ahead!
— Chikae


Jessica Simmonds, makes up the second half of Okishima & Simmonds. Born & bred in Cheltenham, Jessica had always had a passion for art & design & a chance weekend job as a florist at the age of 16 lit a spark for flowers that she might not have otherwise discovered.

After completing a Foundation Course in Art & Design, she moved to Leeds to complete a degree in Fine Art at Leeds College of Art. Between studying & working part time at the prestigious florist Daisy Chain Leeds, she met Chikae & they formed a close bond over their love of food & all things beautiful. When Jessica graduated she decided that with 8 years experience in the floristry industry the time had finally come to branch out on her own & put her creative, business & floristry skills to the ultimate test.

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jessica (jes-i-kuh) n. 1. colour speciality; colour combinations & matching, bright, vibrant 2. type: headstrong 3. style; colourful, pretty, birds