Brides The Show with Suzanne Neville

Yesterday we decorated Suzanne Neville's stand at Brides The Show.

They let us have free reign which was great. So we decided to do a foliage based garland to frame one side of the stand with succulents, hydrangeas, amaranthus, campanula and roses. In terms of the colour theme, we decided to use at little pink as possible, since it is such an obvious colour associated with weddings, and stick more to blues and silvers, so it was in keeping with their furniture, bags and the mirror. For an additional touch, we thought that adding tape measures and their own fabrics (lace and silks), and intertwining it within the garland, would emphasise the individual tailoring and dress fitting services they offer.

In the corner of the stand we created a forest feel, with an overhead arrangement, again with some fabric and tape measures draping down.

The beautiful model wearing a dress by Suzanne Neville today at the show.

Behind the Scenes.

Dresses by: Suzanne Neville