Charlotte Taylor wreath workshop


We had so much fun this week collaborating with the wonderful team at Charlotte Taylor to put on a wreath making workshop for some of her clients. 

Charlotte, as well as being lovely, is a fabulous designer, whose bold prints have really been making an impact on the British Fashion scene. Her stunning fabric designs, many based around repetitive animal prints, result in a unique and innovative womenswear label. If you’re local to Chelsea you may have heard about her in the summer when she was trading from a pop-up shop on Sloane Square, and lucky for us she is now based in a permanent shop just around the corner on Ellis Street. Please pop in and have a look, we promise you won’t regret it - except for maybe when you can’t resist buying everything in the shop and blow your wages in one fell swoop!


For those of you that know the Okishima half of O&S know that her favourite animal is a penguin and therefore this is a dream come true for her to be working along side a designer, who's staple print is a penguin! Hopefully some more penguin themed collaborations to come... :) 

We did a special offer for customers of Charlotte Taylor, teaching them how to make a Christmas wreath for their front door in an hour and a half intense course.


We started by showing everyone how to make the moss base, followed by everyone getting hands-on - attaching the spruce to the base resulting in a basic foliage wreath. Then came the creative part - everyone was given a bag of dried fruits and cinnamon sticks and was free to pin, wire and glue away until they ended up with a unique, hand made wreath they were proud of. 


Here are two cuties Jai and Aria who were star pupils! They were a fantastic reminder of how to think outside the box, viewing the wreath as more than a wreath. They used the materials available in such clever unique ways, things we didn't even think of!! - Well done guys!


The workshop was so much fun, and such a success, that by popular demand we will be running workshops throughout the new year where O&S will be back to show you how to make various different floral arrangements! We will of course keep you informed and also check back on Charlotte's blog also at