Cocktails in care homes

When The Floral Angels contacted us to see if we wanted to take part in a charity event, working with the wonderful people at Magic Me, we jumped at the chance.

Cocktails in Care Homes is the initiative of Clea House, and aims to reduce loneliness for many elderly people in care homes while at the same time breaks down the barriers between the ages - lots of young volunteers mingling with elderly people is really lovely to see. Clea hosts parties on a weekly basis and we took part in a special Christmas party for the residents at Silk Court Care Home.

With a generous donation of white hydrangeas, spray roses, chrysanthemums, carnations and euphorbia from the fabulous Simon Lycett, combined with the gorgeous white phalaenopsis orchids and gold asparagus fern from our launch party, we set to work making some floral creations that we hoped would really make a difference.

Clea had asked us to create some buttonholes or something for each resident to wear at the party so it seemed a bit more special than their usual parties. Thanks to the ridiculously large donation from Simon Lycett we had more flowers than we could possibly make in to buttonholes so once we had made 20 buttonholes and 20 orchid hair slides for the ladies, we set about using the rest of the flowers. We used some of the euphorbia and orchid heads to make floral crowns for us and Clea and most of the hydrangeas to make table centres for each table. We then decided that, true to The Floral Angels ethos, we would use the rest of the flowers to make bouquets of kindness - one for each resident to keep.

We had so much fun - dancing with Fred (who I must say had better dance moves than me - getting down low was his speciality!) and sharing cocktails and stories with the residents was such an amazing experience. It really made us see, first hand, the good that charities like The Floral Angels and Magic Me do every day - and we were honoured to be a part of it.


Photographs by © Chiara Ceolin.

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