Coworth Park


Featuring today is afternoon tea at Coworth Park with make-up artist Emma, who we often collaborate with. She is incredibly talented, and is so in sync with our style, that we can tell her exactly what we are making/envisioning, and she will come up with the perfect unique look for our models. Her website is currently undergoing construction but if you require hair and make up for anything from prosthetics for theatre, TV and film, to a simple look for your wedding, you can either contact her through us or visit her facebook page directly: Hyperactive Makeup & Hair.

Coworth Park (part of the Dorchester collection) is about a half an hour drive from London, which is perfect if you have a car as it is a beautiful getaway from the hustle bustle of London. I have also eaten at the main restaurant, and would love to go there again and feature that in my blog (watch this space), but the Afternoon tea is one of my favourites, and is very reasonably priced, considering the location, and star ranking. I love the cakes here, as I often find that at other places, the taste is compromised by the aesthetics. This definitely is not the case here!

Check out their menu and website here:

Lemon tart
afternoon tea at coworth
woods at coworth
pathway at coworth
coworth park house
flowers at coworth
path at coworth
benches at coworth