Inspiration & life lessons from Marte Marie Forsberg

One of the things I took away from the Local Milk retreat is that all the people I met were strong in one way or another. Admirable qualities in each. Making me feel stronger than ever & more sure of the life decisions that make or break me.

Being unhappy & going through rough times are two completely separate things. The former, you have somewhat control over, the latter you don't & they are inevitable. But the former helps bring you out of the latter.

Scrap the things that make you even the smallest bit unhappy. At least that way when the "downs" come, you know how to pick yourself back up again. 

I believe in bettering yourself & in turn, your company & lifestyle by learning every day, whether it be something small, like how to make a new pasta sauce, or how to put together a new appliance, to something more large-scale, like a new skill such as photography or sewing, Japanese or chemistry!

Marte Marie Forsberg teaching us how to make pear tart & about styling


Books that have been helping me & I recommend:

Every day I teach myself something new, by way of reading, talking to people, online, TV or even going through my old photographs.

Marte Marie Forsburg of My Cottage Kitchen said something to me at the retreat which really resonated with me, & that was:

The only photographer you should compare yourself to is your old self.
— Marte Marie Forsberg

I thought this was an excellent quote, & wanted to share this with you guys, as I know how, often when you learn something new, especially when you see the light at the end of the long long tunnel, but don't know how to get there, you compare yourself to the professionals, your friends or those that you admire. It can be quite toxic sometimes.

I'm here to tell you the persistence works, & your age or the amount of time it takes, doesn't matter so don't think about those constants. These are out of your control, so just take each day as it comes, but don't waste your time. One day you will find your voice, your niche, your calling. I mean hey... I used to HATE writing. Now, the more I read, the more people I talk to, the more I know my voice, it's given me the confidence to speak to you all, because my voice is purely that I want to share my knowledge with you, the readers, & help you through any struggles that you may have, that perhaps I have been through.

The way Marte Marie spoke about her life, & how she found out how to make a living doing what she truly loved, was inspiring, & i encourage you to do one of her retreats, or a one to one with her.

Where she was about three, four years ago, reminded me of where I find myself now, & it felt good to know that she persevered, took huge leaps of faith, moved countries, (from Norway to a cottage in the countryside in England), took risks, & went back & forth, trying to figure out what she wanted to do, & what her purpose was. I know my purpose, it is this business. I love my company that I run with Jessie, but I am always finding new ways to improve it, make it better for our customers, clients, followers, friends & family.

I will be doing a full blog post on the Local Milk retreat soon so stay tuned or sign up to our newsletter to hear all about it when it does come up.

- C