Flat Iron & Gelupo

Flat Iron menu

Flat Iron

This week's restaurant of choice is one of my recents favourites - provided it is not crowded (as it does not take reservations) - which it almost always is! It is such a popular place but there's a reason for this. It has a tiny menu and specialises in juicy juicy steak! The sides are simple and delicious, and the great thing about the steak is that it is sourced straight from the U.K. 

I personally love Sophie's salad.

One thing I need to mention so as not to deter you from its popularity and therefore waiting time - is that you get a beeper and you leave your phone number when you put your name down. The beeper has a 400m radius, therefore you can walk around while you wait, AND they have your number to call you when a table is ready. I promise you that the wait is worth it and it is so well organised and run that you hopefully won't be deterred from the long queues that are normally outside.  

Check out their website here: http://flatironsteak.co.uk/




Gelupo menu

For dessert we popped over to Gelupo, an ice cream shop run by the same team as Bocca Di Lupo, a great Italian in the heart of Soho. They are directly opposite each other which makes for a great transfer of the savoury to sweet palette.. (even though Bocca also has delicious desserts also, so the choice is entirely yours!).

I feel I need to mention that I in fact am not a big ice cream fan - I have sensitive teeth and often find ice cream very unsatisfying, (I like a good texture to my desserts, and knowing that I am definitely eating something that is most likely bad for me and I love that feeling!). So, the fact that I am even mentioning Gelupo, is testament to how good their ice creams are!! They always have interesting flavours - something else I love, unconventional tastes put together, something that people might initially think is very strange and wouldn't normally go together! The ice creams have the texture of real Italian ice cream, where it's slightly stringy, and pulls apart a bit like taffy! The sign of great gelato! :) 

Check out their website here: http://www.gelupo.com/



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