Floating Flower Garden exhibition at Maison et Objet, Paris

I'm (Chikae) in Paris, visiting Maison et Objet, a famous bi-yearly trade show. One of my favourite events of the year. This time, I was lucky enough to have caught a collaborative effort between Espace timbale, a Japanese digital technology collective and Maison et Objet.

The exhibition was of a Floating Flower Garden, with over 2100 flowers floating around you, as you were let into a small space lined with mirrors. The flowers moved up and down allowing you to slowly pass as you moved towards the middle of the room.  

The feeling was so surreal, and you were only allowed 2 minutes to fully absorb the atmosphere. 

All the flowers were alive and growing with each passing day and paired with an insect. The scent of the flowers would change according to how active the insect was, and therefore changing throughout the day. 

It is based on Japanese Zen gardens, a place said to have been born as a place for Zen priests to carry out training so that they can become at one with nature.

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