launch party

Well after 3 months of working our butts off and making all the steps in the right direction of actually having a successful business, we decided it was time to let out hair down and celebrate all we had achieved so far with our closest friends and family.

Whilst being an excuse for a good old party, and a chance to showcase our skills, it also ended up being a lesson in what happens when you get two creative people bouncing ideas of each other with no client to tell you no, and no budget restrictions to hold you back. It's safe to say we went slightly over board with the decorations but we just didn't know when to stop...and we wouldn't have either if we hadn't run out of time. If we'd had it our way we would have had a full Narnia-esque forest with real snow.

Trees are our favourite. And flowers of course. So we decided to use lots of twigs and silver birch. We turned pillars into silver birch trees, with flocked twig branches and phalaenopsis head details. We adorned the spiral staircase with more twigs and bark, covered it all with fairy lights, and went crazy with fake snow.

We spray painted gourds in white and gold, and with the help of silver birch trunks, yet more twigs, and some white table cloths, we made a garden table in to a bar fit for a king. The fabulous Mark Fleming from Evans and Peel took up the position of bartender for the night, and it's safe to say we couldn't have kept everyone fed and watered without him.

We should take this opportunity to thank every single person who came, those who couldn't make it, and those who have supported us from near and far. The impromptu speech which we made on the night was so spontanious that we really didn't get a chance to say everything we wanted to. We couldn't have got this far without the support of our closest family members - Jessie's Mum and Dad, Harriet and Mark for their constant support and motivation; Chikae's Mum for giving us a space to let our dreams run wild in; Chikae's Dad for his belief and confidence in us right from the start, The Floral Angels - each and every one of them, for everything they have done for us and for generally being such a great support system who understand the ups and downs of the world of floristry; The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers and Daisy Chain Leeds for teaching us everything we know - without them we wouldn't be where we are today; and of course all our other family members and friends for helping to spread the word - in particular Steph Hamer who seems to have almost single handedly provided us with most of our clients! We LOVE you all and can't say thank you enough :)