Manual photography lesson

Today my friend and very talented photographer Anna Michell kindly taught me all the manual settings on my camera. I'd like to think I'm good at photography but I always take photographs on automatic... and that feels too much like cheating! I wanted to learn everything about photography and really getting to know my camera. 

 She was such an excellent teacher and I thank her greatly - as I thank you I introduced and treated her to burrata!  I urge you to try burrata next time you see it on a menu somewhere. 

Check out her website here:  and take a look at our Creative Styling gallery page for the photographs she took for us for our headdresses and crowns. 

Fresh apple juice

Pitta and hummus.


After lunch we went across to the Chelsea Gardner to do some practice shots. Check them out below! You can click on them to make them larger. 


- C