Post Valentine's Day

A huge sign of relief could be heard from Florists across the globe on the 15th February - the madness is over for another year!

We had an absolute belter of a first year with a pop-up stall in front of Beas of Bloomsbury's St Paul's branch. It is fair to say that we have never been so cold and wet in our entire lives but it was all worth it to provide many special ladies (and gents!) with beautiful flowers this Valentine's Day. 

I have had my fair share of nightmare Valentine's Days in terms of weather - the snow usually being the worst, but this year the hurricane force winds that were tearing through St Paul's, teamed with what seemed like a power shower of rain, was the ultimate test of both our flowers and our attitude. If you came to see us, or happened to buy a bunch of flowers from us then I'm sure you will have been surprised by how happy we seemed despite being soaked through to the bone - that's our love of flowers shining through, no matter the weather or situation, flowers make everything better!! That, and also the fact that we were munching on YUMMY cupcakes all day, and being plied with tea by the wonderful staff at Beas!


Next up is Mother's Day on March 30th and there are talks to run another pop-up in the same location, so keep your eyes and ears peeled on our social media pages for updates!