The Date Box - Daisy and Alice's answer to Valentine's Day

Have a read of latest blog post by Chikae, who has started her own blog, The Full Moose Trail, which encompassed recipes, her knowledge of restaurants around the world, things to do, places to go, and featured artists and then some. 

Features will include things from the four places that are a huge part of her life: London, Tokyo, Paris and New York. 

She has gotten together a team from each of these places to represent each city and contribute their share for an engaging well-rounded blog.

So for all you foodies, travellers, and general curious fellows, there will be something for everyone guaranteed. 

This week she features the talents of florist friend Daisy of Flowers by Daisy, food lover Alice of Alice Is In The Kitchen Again.

They have collaborated to make Valentine's Day easy for everyone. Something they call The Date Box. Click here for more information!