The harsh realities of being a floral designer & stylist

A pertinent issue we have as florists, working with water, nature, glue guns, wires, scissors, soil, & more importantly now - the cold, are the ailments that come with it.

We love our job, don't get me wrong, but it does require a fair amount of skin maintenance, & goes without saying that manicures are out of the question. Jessie & I are the most low maintenance people. We wear what makes us feel comfortable for long hours of standing, being in the cold, heat etc. I wear no make up, Jessie quickly puts hers on in the car (even though she doesn't need it pfsht). When it comes to our hands however... I take things slow, I am careful, I pre-empt pain & cutting myself, dropping things, mess etc. Jessie on the other hand is a fast worker, & doesn't sweat the small stuff. She braves the prospects of getting cut or scorching herself with a glue gun. I mean she's cut her hand open before & had to go to hospital to get stitches. I have to keep an eye on her! :p

My problem is less the scrapes & bruises, but more the dry skin, eczema situation. I can't prevent it so much, I just have to make do & look after my skin. That being said - I don't, because I love work so much I forget about the consequences of dry skin + open wounds + cracks + the cold. Also we don't like using gloves because we want to feel the earth, the nature that surrounds us, the flowers, the foliage, the insects...

I wanted to ask you guys, do you have any recommendations for nourishing skin treatments, or routines you have as florists or artisans that expose your hands to the harsh winter cold?

These are some things I have been recommended: