Two underrated foliage & flower fillers in the floral world

There are two fillers that even we don't use as often as we should. Partly because we have to buy them in large wraps & for smaller styled shoots, weddings & events, they can go to waste, & we try to be economical when buying flowers. We may just start going against that however... as these are two fillers that are so underestimated, & deserve more credit than they are given.

They are:

Green bell

Wax flower

Sometimes they can look tacky in certain arrangements. It is of course a matter of taste how you use them, but we think that they work best in abundance. They are so delicate with such wonderful textures, that the more you add, the more in place & wild they look. This will help give your overall bouquet or arrangement the wild feel it deserves. However, again this is a matter of taste. Do whatever you think works. This is our personal advice to you guys, so give it a go. If you are styling them on their own - like above - they also work perfectly together, as the colours make each other pop & in a small necked vase such as this one, they will naturally splay out & give a gorgeous overgrown aesthetic to your home, shop, wedding, venue etc.

Tip: In a bouquet, group 2-3 stems together so that they really hold their place in the bouquet & don't get lost & look out of place. Good luck & happy arranging! :)