Time to clear up the rumours

The Background Story

As most of you may have noticed - there have been changes a foot in the O&S camp for the past 6 months!

Chikae spent the summer travelling around America andJapan, discovering new passions, people and places - loving every second of it. She loves developing her skills and exploring new places and meeting new people and needed an inspiration refresher to get her creative juices flowing again and to figure out exactly what creative services she wanted to specialise in.

Jessica spent the summer running the pop-up shop in London, working with all the lovely freelancers we employed and spending every weekend knees deep in some of the most beautiful wedding flowers we've ever done.

When team O&S came back together after a hectic summer we found that we both had new passions for various aspects of the brand, a clearer vision of how we wanted to progress and new and exciting ideas that we were keen to execute. After much thought we decided that instead of trying to pull the existing brand in ten different directions, it would be better to each pursue the things that we wanted to do and do them really, really well. We wanted to become specialists in our respective fields.

This has meant we have had to sacrifice certain aspects of the business - we no longer offer house contracts or weekly flowers for businesses and we now have a minimum spend when it comes to one off jobs BUT...it has meant that we have established two brand new and extremely strong brands.

With the rebranding of the company we have created two sister brands: Chikae OH and Styling by Jessica.

“We are so lucky to have been able to rebrand and restructure without any quibbles. At first it was about ripping off the bandaid and just accepting that this was the best thing for the both of us and the company. You often hear about partnerships that falter and fall out because they want to go in different directions. We just realised that as difficult as it was to make the initial decision to do this, it has ultimately made us both stronger as people, and allowed our individual style and creative abilities to shine. All good things do come to an end, but in this case we have made a good thing and made it EVEN better by creating two sister brands that still support each other whilst being completely individual.” -
— Chikae


Chikae has taken all her existing strengths from the O&S brand - the imagery, the authenticity, the knowledge and understand of social media curation, creative direction, teaching, content creation, interaction with customers, and all together with her ambition and creative vision developed an incredibly striking and well thought out company. Influenced by her experiences with many of the leading British and American based florists and photographers and attending some of the best workshops and courses the world has to offer - has created Chikae OH. Through her love of helping and guiding people, her workshops and mentorship programme was born. Teaching all that she has learnt over the years and collating all the skills that she has developed through learning from all of her mentors all over the world, she is now a specialist in helping others with floral styling, photography, social media curation, content creation, film photography, brand clarity, in a group format or individually, where she carefully curates each lesson and classes based on her attendees needs, giving them a unique experience each time.

Her love of travel, takes her all over the world where she seeks inspiration to constantly grow and develop her brand to ensure it is always fresh.



Jessica's focus has become weddings and styling. With every wedding from the summer Jessica found that this was where her floristry skills and passion really lay. The beginning of the wedding process - styling an overall vision, choosing the colours and flowers, sketching out ideas, creating mood boards was just as much fun as realising the final outcome. From choosing the flowers at the market to organising the logistics of the day every aspect of creating someones perfect wedding flowers was fulfilling.

Styling, and not just floral styling, was also something that became more important - clients asking about place settings, cake decor, general venue decor etc and when Jessica had plenty of suggestions about options, she decided that with her wealth of knowledge and experience she could branch out in to general Wedding Styling as well as Floral Styling. 


So... Now you know!

There have been a lot of hearsay and rumours about what has happened to the brand - but in all honesty nothing has changed! (Sorry to disappoint! Haha - in case you were wanting a bit of goss - there just isn't any!!) We just made a decision to be clearer with our clients about who is doing what - created two sister brands instead of one and pursued our individual passions in order to be able to offer our clients the best service we can offer.

So when you think of O&S think of the two of us - Okishima and Simmonds. We are two people doing what we love, still friends, still supporting each other, but now as two pieces of one company.


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