O&S is very proud to present to you our creative design services. We are pleased to be of service to you in promoting and bringing attention to your brand and in executing high profile events through our very creative designs.


We offer the following services for all of your creative design needs:

Floral Design
We create amazing floral arrangements for all types of events. O&S is known for our beautiful and intricate floral designs and the use of various flowers, including seasonal ones. Tap us to dress up your events with our wonderful flower arrangements and you will surely generate more buzz.


O&S makes sure that we capture all memories with our event photography services. We are well-known for our dramatic and artistic images. With us, you will always be sure that all memorable events will forever be with you. We even offer printing and artistic frames for your photographs.


For weddings that will always be the talk of the town, contact O&S. We specialize in wedding designs and styling according to your vision. Whatever it is that you want to achieve in terms of the look and feel of your wedding, we can help you. This is why we are known for turning dream weddings into reality.


Creative Consulting
O&S is composed of a very creative team of professionals. We offer creative consulting services for all events, brand management and styling. With us, you can be assured that your brand will always be highlighted and your event will always generate interest.

Visual Storytelling
We offer various forms of visual storytelling, in different types of media. Contact us now to know what we can offer you. We will be happy to showcase our past visuals and work with you closely to bring out the visual story that you want to present.