Welcome to Okishima and Simmonds, more popularly known as O&S.

We are a creative design company that specializes in floral design, photography, weddings, creative consulting and visual storytelling. If you have an event, hire us. We will make sure that your event and brand stands out with our styling.


O&S started as a small floral design company in 2013, renting just a small flat with a contemporary garage door in Tampa. Our company was founded with the partnership of long-time best friends Chikae Okishima-Howland and Jessica Charlotte Simmonds. In just a short time and because of talent and hard work, we conquered the London floristry scene and became well known because of our stylish and high end floral designs. Now, we create stunning weddings, photo shoots and events and have been featured by the top media organizations in the United Kingdom.

We live by our motto of “elevating every event to an art form.”

Here are our specialties:


Floral design
Get beautiful floral arrangements for your events. O&S is your partner in award-winning designs that raise the bar of floristry. We are known for our unique, fabulous, perfect bouquets and floral arrangements for all occasions. Let us know the theme of your event, your vision and we will create the perfect floral arrangements for your events that will definitely get people talking.


Do you require portraits or event photography? We are your perfect accompaniment. We are known for breathtaking photos that will wow your guests and clients. We have a team of expert photographers and videographers who can stage manage your events for those perfect photos. Rest assured that with us, all of your event’s wonderful moments are captured.


Do you want styled weddings according to your chosen theme or personality? O&S is here to help you make that happen with our wedding styling services. With us, every detail is taken care of, from the church or the wedding stage, to the reception venue, the dresses and even the napkins.


Creative consulting
Do you want your brand to stand out? We are pleased to offer you our event consulting services to make sure that your brand gets maximum exposure. O&S will help you make sure that in all of your events, swag materials and branding collaterals, your brand is always front and center. Contact us now so that we can discuss how to properly promote your brand.


Visual storytelling
O&S brings storytelling to a whole new level. We offer you our visual storytelling services in different forms, whether print, broadcast, on stage and even on new media. We have a team of artists, designers, directors, visualizers, writers and more to help make this happen. Contact us now.


For all of your creative needs, O&S is always here to help you. Simply contact us at inquiry@okishimasimmonds.com and we will always be pleased to attend to your concerns. What are you waiting for? Send us an email now. Just remember that we always aim to please.