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5 laser hair removal myths you should never know about

If you’re considering laser hair removal, it’s essential to go through the process with accurate information. Unfortunately, many myths surrounding this popular cosmetic procedure could put a damper on your desire to have smooth and flawless skin. To get the facts straight and determine if laser treatment is proper for you, let’s take a closer look at five of these common myths so you can be well-informed before making any decisions.

Myth 1: Laser hair removal is dangerous to your health

Many people think laser beams are harmful to your health, but they are only harmful if they are x-rays. X-rays can penetrate deep enough to cause damage, but laser beams with short waves only work on the surface and will not cause any harm.

Myth 2: After laser hair removal, scars and burns remain

People fear laser hair removal because they think they will get burned. However, if the machine is set to the correct settings and a skilled doctor is operating it, you will not be burned. Also, with electrolysis, there is a chance of scarring because needles are inserted into the skin. But laser hair removal does not risk scarring because it does not damage the skin.

bikini laser hair removal

Myth 3: Bikini laser hair removal can lead to infertility

Bikini laser hair removal has been done for over 30 years. The girls who had the procedure were able to have children without any problems. Lasers are exact machines that only affect the hair and not the whole body.

Myth 4: Underarm laser hair removal can lead to breast cancer

There are many lymph nodes in the armpits. After laser hair removal of this area, some people think the chances of getting breast cancer increase. But this is not true! First, lymph nodes are all over the body – not just in the armpits. Second, according to the US Cancer Foundation, modern laser devices do not cause cancer. They help prevent it.

Myth 5: Laser hair removal causes skin pigmentation

If the doctor does everything right, your skin will have no problems. But your skin can be hurt if overexposed to the laser. If the doctor makes a mistake and uses the wrong settings, you might get pigmentation on your skin.

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