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5 causes of acne on the face and body

If breakouts on your skin have got you feeling blue, you’re not alone. Acne can be a pesky problem for both teens and adults, but the good news is that it’s highly treatable once you understand what’s causing the condition in the first place. This blog post will look at five common causes of acne.

Hormonal disbalance

The person who is going through puberty is the one who gets acne. It happens because more hormones are in their blood, which causes their skin to produce more oil. Hormonal disruptions can happen at any time in life and may be associated with stress, pregnancy, or endocrine diseases. Unfortunately, all of this often manifests itself on the person’s skin in the form of acne.

Features of the diet

A lot of simple carbohydrates and dairy products can make acne worse. Some say that many people eat the same fast food and don’t have acne, but we are all different. If you are sensitive to certain foods and you have had acne in the past, then it is likely that sweet and dairy foods will cause inflammation on your face.

Try not to eat foods with regular white sugar for one month and see what happens. Eating fewer dairy products, or no dairy products at all, for a while is also better.

cause skin problems like acne

Violation of the microflora of the skin

Many tiny organisms live on our skin. The different types and numbers of these organisms are in balance, which helps keep our skin healthy and looking good. But if we don’t take care of our skin or use harsh cleansers, we can throw off the pH balance and cause acne. Acne can also get worse if we have an infection on our skin.

Excessive insolation

You might get acne if you travel to hot countries or use tanning beds. When your skin gets tanned, it thickens. It is supposed to protect you from harmful UV rays. But when your skin thickens, it also clogs your pores and causes inflammation. Sometimes a woman gets back from vacation, and her skin is worse. She might not think that her skin got worse because she was in the sun too much. But being in the sun too much can cause skin problems like acne. To fix this problem, use peels, products with AHA and BHA acids, and cleaning salon procedures.


The market for cosmetics is oversaturated. It means that there are too many products and it is hard to choose which ones to buy. Moreover, some of these products might even make acne worse. For example, they might contain comedogenic substances that cause acne. These include various oils, lanolin, petroleum jelly, sulfur, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other components of cosmetics. So if you tend to feel inflammation, you should only choose care and treatment products with a cosmetologist.

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