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What’s What: Makeup Brush Guide

When mastering your makeup look, having the right tools is essential. Gone are the days when you had just two brushes and a few colors of eyeshadow—nowadays, there’s a seemingly endless selection of products and an array of specialized brushes on offer. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the types and uses for these often confusing items. With all that knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll be equipped to create flawless looks in no time!

Foundation brushes

There are two types of brushes: flat and round. The brush needs to be dense so that liquid makeup does not leave streaks and is made of synthetic material so the brush does not get ruined easily. For powder, choose a fluffy brush with natural bristles. If the texture is pressed, use a kabuki brush.

Contouring brushes

If you like to use creamy contouring, the brushes should have synthetic bristles. If you like dry touching, the brushes should have natural bristles. For basic manipulations, it is enough to have two accessories – one larger and one slightly smaller. As for the shape of the brush, we recommend a torch or beveled brush. The first will help you correct the face’s oval, and the second will perfectly emphasize the cheekbones.

Eye makeup brushes

For applying pigment, it is ideal to use a rounded, dense brush with short bristles. This type of brush allows for smooth transitions and blending of contours. Makeup artists recommend choosing brushes made from natural fibers, although high-quality synthetic fibers are also a good option. Choose a brush with a sharp tip and stiff bristles made from synthetic fibers to draw thin lines. Unfortunately, these brushes do not absorb gel or liquid consistency well.

Eyebrow brushes

There are many good reasons to use natural brushes for eyebrow modeling. But it is better to focus on high-quality synthetic material. It is more practical, insensitive to pigments, and easy to clean. The ideal option is a beveled brush with a medium-length bristle and an individually selected width. Brows-styling brush is good when it has a medium bristle density and is quite hard. A double-sided accessory will be a great find.

Lip makeup brushes

For a perfect lip contour, the brush should have fake bristles that are small and pointy. It will help evenly blend the lipstick color and accurately draw the shape of the lips, including all the curves and corners. Various types of brushes are created with an individual approach to each girl, for example, standard, retractable, or in a case.

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