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Hair aging: a marketing ploy or an inevitable reality

People are only just beginning to learn about how hair ages. We know more about how skin ages, and we have ways to slow down the process. But with hair, we’re still learning. Some people are surprised to learn that hair can age like skin does.

How does hair age?

Loss of color in hair – gray hair, intense hair loss, alopecia, the appearance of bald patches – is determined by genes. Some people are more likely to experience these things than others. The first signs of hair aging may appear at 25 or 30, depending on a person’s genes.

Our hair can age when we do not eat healthy foods or follow a good diet. It can happen even if we are not yet old enough to have gray hair. Our hair might look dull, lose color, and fall out more quickly. We might try taking vitamins, using special shampoos, or drinking herbal teas, but these things might not help.

signs of hair aging

What to do?

  1. Schedule an appointment with a trichologist.
  2. Change your diet to primarily natural foods.
  3. Buy anti-aging hair products that a specialist recommends.

How to slow down hair aging?

Hair aging is a process that happens to everyone and cannot be stopped. But you can still keep going. You can still do something to make your hair look nicer. A woman’s self-esteem always depends on her external attractiveness. So, if you want your hair to look dense, beautiful, and healthy, you should take better care of it.

Stress is bad for your hair. So don’t worry too much. Eating healthy food is good for your hair, skin, and body. Foods like lean meats, fatty fish, bananas, avocados, lentils, sweet peppers, and foods high in vitamins B and E are all good for you.

A head massage is an excellent way to relax. You can go to a salon or use a massager at home. Remember to do it regularly for the best results.

You can protect your hair from the environment by wearing a hat. It will reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation that your hair is exposed to, which can cause damage. You should also try to use heat-styling tools less often and always use thermal protection before styling your hair.

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